Tanks, covers and conservators for distribution transformers

All the vats of fins for distribution transformers, covers, and tanks are manufactured according to the designs provided by the customers and according to the main international welding standards. Most of the processes are carried out by numerical control and robotic machinery, in addition to welders with high experience and approved by the CENIM.

We have different procedures and methods of applying paint: immersion, flow-coating, airless, powder paint etc. depending on the final treatment you want to achieve and always in accordance with ISO 12944: they can be applied. If the client requests it, the tanks can also be supplied with a GALVANIZED HOT finish.

Metallic tanks and corrugated walls for distribution transformers

Metallic tanks allow that the transformer can be more compact and light and consequently more economic. The elasticity of the walls of the tank with corrugated walls allows a maximum overpressure of 0.5 kif / cm2



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