Model “C” – Celosía

Towers for mid tension lines model “C” have been calculated and tested according to UNE 207017 (former RECOMMENDATION UNESA 6704-A) with useful efforts ranging from 500 to 9000 kgs, and with heights of 10 to 30 meters.

We also have towers for lines with voltages lower than 30 Kv, called mole supports “P”. Likewise, we manufacture all types of cross braces and supports for metal and concrete supports.

General specifications

The Fustes of the seven Supports have a square truncated pyramidal shape and their head section is prismatic, with the four faces being the same along the entire length of the Fuste.
Each head is a fully welded assembly, having a width of 0.51 m. and a length of 4.54 m., comprising seven fields of 0.6 m. for the fixation of the armed at different levels.

All the component parts of the supports are marked with their identification number and the nominal effort of the support to which they belong,
With each support a mounting plan of facial comprehension is attached as an aid to the installer at the time of assembly.


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